What's New for 2019/2020

So we are expecting a Busy year in 2020 we know alot of brides have been holding out for 2020 with it being a significant date going into a new decacde i'm sure NYE New years eve will be popular.

Visual story books

We are so excited to have introduced a new visual story books for delivering our films to our clients. Your precious memories will be stored and delivered in these stunning visual story books that can be easily stored on a shelf in a box. Charged via the included usb cable your memories start the moment you open the cover.

Visual story books will be included free with all essential packages booked in 2020.

visual story book naz ahmed films
Visual story book naz ahmed films

Joint Photo & Film Packages

A renewed partnership continues I have teamed up with my Good freind a very talented photographer Mr Paul Hollingsworth We have worked on many joint weddings where the clients have requested us both. We have come together to offer our clients who are looking to book us both a bespoke package that takes away a lot of stress. We are always happy to work with other professionals or a photographer of your choice however the benefits of having one of our recommended photographers is the matching styles in quality and creativity.


Get your FREE Pricing Brochure Now!

Get your FREE pricing Brochure go to Investment page and request a free pricing brochure also included is a bonus Guide to preparing for your big day. The guide has been put together by us and is simply valuable advice on how you can prepare for the best possible moments being captured by helping your photographer and videographer. The guide talks about everything from bride and groom preps and lighting to having an unplugged ceremony get your free digital copy to download and keep.

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Are wedding videos worth the cost?

So this is most definitely a question every Bride and groom will ask themselves. But here’s what I’m asking you If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? Many would argue even more, especially on your wedding day. Others could argue that it’s not worth the added expense, and pictures suffice. If you’re on the fence about hiring a wedding videographer here’s what I would like you to consider?

Can you afford not to?

We live in the instant digital media era with such amazing technological advances such as drones and up to 8k resolution wedding video is a thing of the past wedding FILM is what's now! wedding Cinematographers like us are producing high quality cinematography techniques making FILM using natural audio and beautiful visuals so your film represents exactly how it looked and sounded So embrace today's technology for tomorrow. Yes still images can capture these things, but not in the same way as a moving picture can. Budgetting appears to be the main factor for many. Clients have Videographers way down the bottom of there list and then find themselves without the funds to hire one.

What does FILM capture that photo's dont?

Everything from the emotions, nerves, atmosphere, anticipation right down to the details of that dress the cake the decor but most importantly the WORD'S those beautiful words that are spoken. Wedding cinematography with us is an investment in that beautiful artistry which can be preserved for future generations to cherish You just can’t put a value on moments like these. Having a film would have made this even more special.

Regret! or best decision ever?

A recent survey in Brides magazine 80% of Brides regretted not having a videographer.

“My wedding video is my favorite artifact from our day. I absolutely love our photos, but they are still images. We watch the video every year on our anniversary, and we get to see the family members who are no longer with us and hear their voices, see them dancing and enjoying themselves, etc. Every time we watch it we notice new things, too. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.” —Nicole, 30

“I didn’t have a videographer—it was a budgeting issues and I thought pictures would be sufficient. But I regret not having one, even just a short trailer version. I love our photos but videos are a different ballgame and I wish I had something better than clips people took on their phones.” —Tara, 28

“I did not have a videographer, it was a budgeting issue, but I regret it very much.” —Jessica, 29

“I am actually devastated that I didn’t even have my engagement moment on video. Not having my wedding on video wasn’t an option. Some people couldn’t make our wedding and it’s nice to be able the share the video with them.” —Theresa, 37

My clients often tell me just how fast the day unfolded and because they were in the moment and the only way to re-live it is by watching it back. After the lights on the dance floor goes out the cake gets eaten the dress is gathering dust the decor gets taken down Just think about think about those photographers and videographers who play one of the most crucial roles in documenting and preserving those precious memories for you.

What to Look for in a Good Videographer?

The simple advice would be to of course go with what you can afford but then that could mean as low as £300 bargain right? or alarm bells! Is it too good to be true or what is it exactly your getting? I'm taking nothing away from someone who can offer videography at such a low price but asking that you be cautious check out reviews there work ask the right questions why? because for someone who runs a wedding videography business there are costs to maintain insurance, music licenses, drone qualifications, accountants, equipment and many more cost's Don’t forget this is a business someone's livelihood and I will be the first to tell you that keeping up with the latest equipment is costly so for any professional to maintain a high quality service for there clients these costs may reflect in there pricing many will spend hours editing so once the camera stops recording it dosen't mean they stop.

Whilst wedding videography varies in cost let me tell you "what you pay is what you get" there are many videographers out there for all types of budget but at the same time there's an obvious difference in the end production in comparison.

Invest in the artist the person who is going to be taking on that role of preserving those precious memories who are they? what's there style do they understand you? do you connect? do they make you feel at ease? Ask why they charge what they do any professional will be happy to justify there prices check out there social media platforms check reviews. I had a bride who contacted one of my previous clients to get feedback what a great way to really be sure.

These are basic questions but the most important ones meet with them if it can be arranged. Get in early making those enquiries as they can get booked up very quickly for peak wedding season.

Finally Good luck with whatever decision you choose to make. As cost is a huge factor We have made wedding videography with us affordable by offering interest free installments to find out more get in touch. Remember we genuinely only film a limited amount of weddings a year don't leave it too late to book.

Bridal preps make up
Close ups pre wedding Greece videographer
Cameo island Greece videographer
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Wedding Venues West Midlands

Heres our review on 2 amazing venues In the West Midlands we filmed at last year and why we would recommend them.

1. Britsmorton Court Near Malvern, Worcestershire

Back in April 2018 we Filmed the wedding of David & Lucy prior to the wedding I met at the location with DAWN there wedding planner this was an opportunity to have a look around and most importantly do some risk assessments and planning for using my drone on the day of the wedding. Dawn was very helpful we visited the on site church wonderful historic building before moving on to the main part of the venue and the grounds I was informed that the owners very much still live on site words can't really describe this location its full of beautiful scenery acres of land amazing moat that surrounds the main part of the venue the Garden is beautiful reception area has lots of glass so beautiful natural light coming through.

As a videographer or photographer it's always great for us when a venue offers so many opportunities for us to be creative and use the grounds within to capture beautiful imagery. I found that the staff at the location very helpful Dawn sent me the itenary for the day which was very detailed and well planned i knew everything from where the bride would be sitting to when the fireworks would go off and the contingency plan if it rained It's always nice when such information is shared and it just demonstrated to me how much effort is put into each wedding. We hope we did this venue justice when we filmed David & Lucy safe to say we did as it was featured on love stories TV global platform of wedding films. Further David & Lucy informed me that there wedding also featured in local wedding magazine. watch david & lucys film in the gallery section

A view from our drone of Britsmorton Court

A view from our drone of Britsmorton Court

2. Netley Hall Estate, Shropshire

The Netley Estate is a luxury-wedding venue in the heart of rural Shropshire. Its beautifully tucked away from the busy town and ideally set with stunning 360 views of rolling hills, woods, lake and countryside.

This is a private mansion at Netley. Which up until only recently was not a wedding venue So when we were told by our clients that they would be the first of a few couples to host there wedding there I just had to check it out The Estate grounds cover an extensive 160 acres of blissful country side so quite so discreet just so beautiful
Whether you have 20 guests or 300 they can provide the perfect wedding solution tailored to make your dream wedding a reality.

Netley Hall Estate also offers 12 onsite luxury cottages with a sleeping capacity of 44 guests. And we experienced first hand how this is just perfect to create the right mood and have you relaxed before your big day we were lucky enough to stay on site in a little cottage close to the bridal party the night before the wedding this ensured we were well rested and relaxed and the opportunity to explore the grounds. This was the second time I was filming an outdoor woodland wedding with the backdrop of a beautiful lake the venue is just perfect providing ample opportunities for us as videographers and photographers to get creative and we did not waste that opportunity we were lucky to get access to inside the mansion and capture some of the beautiful interior. All round this is an undiscovered gem and a great luxury-wedding venue with huge potential. They now have a new spa facility with swimming pool within their bridal suite. Wonderful venue we very much enjoyed filming at.

Outdoor Woodland Wedding @Netleyhall Estate

Outdoor Woodland Wedding @Netleyhall Estate

Jay & Michelle

Jay & Michelle choose the beautiful setting of the Netley Estate which is a luxury wedding venue in the heart of rural Shropshire.

On December 6th 1855 Mr John Treasure was commissioned to erect a mansion at Netley. He created a magnificent home with outstanding landscape grounds, consisting of our illustrious wedding gardens and naturally elegant fresh water lakes.

The Estate grounds cover an extensive 160 acres of blissful Shropshire countryside, boasting romantic views of enchanting woodland and rolling velvet hills.

surrounded by close family and friends Jay & Michelle celebrated their union witnessed by those very close to them in an outdoor woodland setting with the stunning backdrop of lakes, rolling hills of the picturesque Shropshire country side.

We captured all those special moments throughout the day. With a background in hospitality Michelle applied this beautifully with so much attention to detail throughout the day. The day ended with a special first dance song personally written by Michelle about there relationship.

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James & Stacey Zante June 2018

James + Stacey Zante 2018 So this was our first ever destination wedding and in June 2018 I travelled along with my friend and colleague Paul Hollingsworth (Photographer) to Zante packing for this trip was challenging deciding on what kit to take or not to take the 6kg carry on allowance forced me to make some hard decisions I wanted to take all the essential kit I would need to film this wedding with me on board I have heard hours stories of how luggage can go missing so there was no way I was taking any chances I managed to take with me my camera bodies Sony x 2 handful of lenses and my very portable drone (Dji Mavic Air) along with many other essentials.

When we arrived we discovered that it had rained and locals informed us of thunderstorms and weather that they had not seen in 10 years not exactly what you want to hear when you have planned and prepped many months in advance for the challenges of what is by default going to very hot dry and bright conditions.

We arrived 2 days before the wedding and the plan was to be there for 4 days giving us a day either side of the wedding for the pre wedding shoot and a chance to relax after.

Day 1 Arrived on location Solmos Square (pre wedding)


looked cloudy definitely not the postcard hot bright we met with James and stacey at there resort where they had been staying with an entourage of family and guests I was conscious of the weather and time and wanted to get stuck in I had negotiated with my clients a few locations that I wanted to visit on our arrival for a pre wedding shoot we visited Solmos square by the marina which turned out to be a lovely location for a pre wedding shoot 

Day 2 Power Cuts and thunderstorms


It rained all night don’t think I have ever heard the full force of a thunder storm Power was on and off started to get a little worried about how i was going to charge my kit. No wifi and no contact with the outside world eventually there was a break in the weather and day 2 was scheduled for a visit to Naviago beach or ship wreck island as its known as. We saw an opportunity and decided to get a taxi there as we started to climb to altitude along these narrow winding roads. 

I started to notice some rain drops on the windscreen and the clouds getting darker we reached the viewing point and it poured down with rain heavy rain James and stacey borrowed a jacket from the taxi driver in noticed a plastic carrier bag in his boot and asked if I could borrow that conscious that my camera was going to get wet I needed to protect it I had a small trolley bag with my kit in that we then dragged along the uneven terrain and not very safe rock face never the less we were all determined to see if we could achieve anything here i made a small hole through for the lens having quickly checked the settings I just started to record getting battered by rain I knew we had less 5 minutes here we got back to the taxi and headed back all absolutely soaked I had no idea at this point if I had any useable footage or if this was a wasted trip. 

Day 3 The wedding 

The sun came out in all its glory a beautiful day we started nice and early in order to capture that beautiful soft morning light during preps we juggled between both resorts for bride and groom preps which luckily were next to each other.


11.30am whilst we were getting those all important bride getting into her dress moments all guests boarded the coach to head down to Cameo island for the ceremony we were meant to be on the coach they offered to turn around and come back we decided to get a taxi to the location.

On arrival we were greeted by the beautiful sights and scenery of cameo island the beautiful white laced drapes that hang above this iconic location.

A small private island off the coast of Laganas in Zante, the island can be accessed only via a wooden bridge, with its beautiful beaches providing the all-important scenic backdrop for wedding film and photographs. The groom and his groomsmen arrived in style by taxi boat across the Ionian Sea that joins Zante to Cameo Island

What a stunning backdrop for a wedding the ceremony lasted less than 15 minutes however there was still time to fly the drone and capture some beautiful moments. We then got on the coach and headed for vezalis beach where the reception would take place Greek meze at Vezalis, a local beachfront taverna. 

Stacey and James arrived by horse and carriage along the beach waiting family friends and guests awaiting there arrival beautiful cake cutting and cup cakes before very emotional speeches. Some traditional greek dancing before the light started to fade into the night a full moon and stunning moonlight provided the perfect back drop for first dance and an epic firework finish to what was a truly spectacular wedding.

Stacey and James organised there wedding via Tsilivi travel Zante weddings a team of fully experienced wedding coordinators planners Countless hours of preparation is put into making sure everything is perfect for your big day including welcoming your guests, preparing you with your rehearsal, seating your guests for the ceremony, arranging the music for you, serving the champagne, setting up your family photo shots, seating you for dinner with your seating plan, sorting our speeches, announcing the first dance and finally surprising your guests with fireworks! They really do go the extra mile to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Starting from your pre-wedding meetings they even have private facebook page where you can chat with them and other couples to hear experiences and share ideas. Stacey and James informed us that they had a photographer included in there’re package and it was mandatory despite this they wanted to hire me for film and also hired Paul Hollingsworth for photography we had no issues with the planners or photographer and worked well with them Zante Weddings by Tsilivi Travel.

David & Lucy

The Wedding of David & Lucy

On the 7th April 2018 friends and family gathered at Birtsmorton Court a Grade I listed fortified medieval moated manor house near Malvern in Worcestershire, in the former woodlands of Malvern Chase.

We were honoured to capture those magical moments as David & Lucy became Husband and Wife during a traditional church ceremony on the grounds of Britsmorton Court steeped in history and described as the most picturesque wedding venue in the West Midlands!.

They then joined family and friends for cocktails in the court yard to enjoying drinks whilst the string quartet entertained guests followed by speeches and reception with more guests arriving in the evening before the first dance and finally fireworks that lit up the night sky over Britsmorton Court.

David & Lucy

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Drone School

So on the 23rd of February I attended 3 day intensive Drone school in Ipswich taking steps towards obtaining pfco status (Permissions for aerial operations) what this means is obtaining a license from the CAA (Civil aviation authority) to use a UASV (unmanned aerial surveillance vehicle) or aka a drone for commercial use.

To get this Permission, you will need to:

Demonstrate your ‘piloting competence’ Demonstrate a sufficient understanding of aviation theory (airmanship, airspace, aviation law and good flying practice). Pass a practical flight assessment (flight test).

In addition, you will also need to provide CAA with an Operating Safety Case (OSC) to demonstrate that the intended operation is appropriately safe.

Whilst on the Course I met up with James Lawrence his a Youtube blogger with a massive audience he explains what was involved over the three days.

The importance of obtaining PFCO is so that we can ensure that we take into consideration risks and have a professional level of knowledge and understanding of operating our drones within the rules and regulations.

naseem ahmed
Paul Hollingsworth Photography




Take away the stress of having to find a seperate photographer assemble the perfect Team to capture those priceless memories.

Paul is no stranger to me we are first and foremost freinds and colleagues and we have worked together on many weddings in the UK and abroad. We work exceptionally well together allowing each other the time and space to be creative for our clients. Pauls work is evident of how he is versatile photographer he has an extensive portfolio which includes landscape photography to band shoots, promotional and corporate advertising to couple shoots and model shoots.

His feedback really says it all a true gent who will make you feel relaxed and at ease on what can be the most stressful of days for any Brride or Groom.


P.Hollingsworth Photography

naseem ahmed
Katie & Nick


There are few things that, from a creative standpoint get me exicited when your shooting your very first wedding and have never met the couple just invited along by your photographer pal no expectations nothing to loose but a lot to gain "right"

So im told the location and my creative juices start to flow Im seeing the huge potential for creativity with acres of land and a lake!. During the day we arrived back at the reception location I asked for some time with the B&G along with the photographer and asked if we could get to the stunning Hills that surround this stunning country location the owner said "no ones ever asked to go there but your more than welcome" and kindly took us there in his range rover and that's where we captured some epic aerial footage using our Drone

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Save the Date

Nick & Faye


Nowadays pre-wedding shoot concept is an up coming trend for those who are soon to get married. Pre-wedding shoot creates a good rapport between the couple & photographer Cinematographer, which helps to deal with any pre film or photo nerves.

Initially during consultation we discuss with would be Mr & Mrs concerning their hobbies, their relationship, how they met their guide and concept or thinking towards making wise, classy choices for their pre-wedding themes, outfits, etc. Such scrutiny helps to understand the clients and guide the entire process of shoot. Pre-wedding session Film ideas vary from client to client. Pre-wedding shoot is the time to try new things, explore new locations & experiment with new techniques. It is all about you & your partner in picturesque scenes, creating moments to be cherished for life.

Save the Date is huge in the USA would be bride and grooms are now using the format of a pre wedding film as a virtual invite to create a buzz on social media that can be shared with family and friends.

The idea behind pre-wedding film is about enjoying the great moments of love, joy, compassion, nervousness and expectations going through the minds of the bride & groom during the days before the wedding. Pre-wedding shoot is a short film covering all the highlights of events which displays the bond between the couples.

We will work with our clients on storyboarding and location scouting to create the most amazing virtual invite .The shoot is preferred to be carried on outdoor natural locations such as garden, lakes, beach, etc. let us create precious moments you will cherish forever!

naseem ahmed
Naz Ahmed


Naz Ahmed is a Birmingham based award winning film maker who specialises in creating cinematic wedding films, corporate and digital media.

With a strong background in cinematography, video editing and a genuine passion for film making, Naz Ahmed Films creates Hand crafted artistically engaging bespoke wedding films.

For something that started as a hobbie easily grew into a passion and that journey of developing and educating myself in this craft is always ongoing capturing beautiful moments is an art for me always looking for oppourtunities to create beautiful imagery using natural light,shapes and symmetery.

I only shoot a limited amount of weddings a year this allows me to concentrate on the highest production values and provide a dedicated and bespoke service to my clients.

naseem ahmed