Are wedding videos worth the cost?

So this is most definitely a question every Bride and groom will ask themselves. But here’s what I’m asking you If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? Many would argue even more, especially on your wedding day. Others could argue that it’s not worth the added expense, and pictures suffice. If you’re on the fence about hiring a wedding videographer here’s what I would like you to consider?

Can you afford not to?

We live in the instant digital media era with such amazing technological advances such as drones and up to 8k resolution wedding video is a thing of the past wedding FILM is what's now! wedding Cinematographers like us are producing high quality cinematography techniques making FILM using natural audio and beautiful visuals so your film represents exactly how it looked and sounded So embrace today's technology for tomorrow. Yes still images can capture these things, but not in the same way as a moving picture can. Budgetting appears to be the main factor for many. Clients have Videographers way down the bottom of there list and then find themselves without the funds to hire one.

What does FILM capture that photo's dont?

Everything from the emotions, nerves, atmosphere, anticipation right down to the details of that dress the cake the decor but most importantly the WORD'S those beautiful words that are spoken. Wedding cinematography with us is an investment in that beautiful artistry which can be preserved for future generations to cherish You just can’t put a value on moments like these. Having a film would have made this even more special.

Regret! or best decision ever?

A recent survey in Brides magazine 80% of Brides regretted not having a videographer.

“My wedding video is my favorite artifact from our day. I absolutely love our photos, but they are still images. We watch the video every year on our anniversary, and we get to see the family members who are no longer with us and hear their voices, see them dancing and enjoying themselves, etc. Every time we watch it we notice new things, too. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.” —Nicole, 30

“I didn’t have a videographer—it was a budgeting issues and I thought pictures would be sufficient. But I regret not having one, even just a short trailer version. I love our photos but videos are a different ballgame and I wish I had something better than clips people took on their phones.” —Tara, 28

“I did not have a videographer, it was a budgeting issue, but I regret it very much.” —Jessica, 29

“I am actually devastated that I didn’t even have my engagement moment on video. Not having my wedding on video wasn’t an option. Some people couldn’t make our wedding and it’s nice to be able the share the video with them.” —Theresa, 37

My clients often tell me just how fast the day unfolded and because they were in the moment and the only way to re-live it is by watching it back. After the lights on the dance floor goes out the cake gets eaten the dress is gathering dust the decor gets taken down Just think about think about those photographers and videographers who play one of the most crucial roles in documenting and preserving those precious memories for you.

What to Look for in a Good Videographer?

The simple advice would be to of course go with what you can afford but then that could mean as low as £300 bargain right? or alarm bells! Is it too good to be true or what is it exactly your getting? I'm taking nothing away from someone who can offer videography at such a low price but asking that you be cautious check out reviews there work ask the right questions why? because for someone who runs a wedding videography business there are costs to maintain insurance, music licenses, drone qualifications, accountants, equipment and many more cost's Don’t forget this is a business someone's livelihood and I will be the first to tell you that keeping up with the latest equipment is costly so for any professional to maintain a high quality service for there clients these costs may reflect in there pricing many will spend hours editing so once the camera stops recording it dosen't mean they stop.

Whilst wedding videography varies in cost let me tell you "what you pay is what you get" there are many videographers out there for all types of budget but at the same time there's an obvious difference in the end production in comparison.

Invest in the artist the person who is going to be taking on that role of preserving those precious memories who are they? what's there style do they understand you? do you connect? do they make you feel at ease? Ask why they charge what they do any professional will be happy to justify there prices check out there social media platforms check reviews. I had a bride who contacted one of my previous clients to get feedback what a great way to really be sure.

These are basic questions but the most important ones meet with them if it can be arranged. Get in early making those enquiries as they can get booked up very quickly for peak wedding season.

Finally Good luck with whatever decision you choose to make. As cost is a huge factor We have made wedding videography with us affordable by offering interest free installments to find out more get in touch. Remember we genuinely only film a limited amount of weddings a year don't leave it too late to book.

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